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Neel Milk Collection Software

Total Remote Integration Networking and Real Time Analysis

Neel milk collection is our automation solution for milk collection management, analysis and data processing for better business management and operational efficiency. It allows the end user to collect data remotely and utilize it to analyze the process and thus streamline the operations in a more efficient manner. Since this is done in real-time, the benefits of such a system are immediate and effective and allows for greater control over the collection and analysis process.

Technical Data:

Hierarchical Management of Milk Collection Data: Plant, MCC, VLCC, Farmer
Shift Level Monitoring of Data Upload
Identification of VLCCs with Missing Data
Multiple Rates per MCC with Rate Verification for each VLCC
Reports for Variation in MCC and VLCC Collection: Quantity, Fat, SNF
Collection Details at all Levels: Plant, MCC, Route, VLCC, Farmer
Tabular and Graphical Reports
Transaction Wise Identification of Auto/Manual
Weighing & Analysis
Farmer Management tools