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Ekomilk Ultra DPS

Ultrasonic Milk Analysis with in-built Data Reporting and Processing Systems

Like the Ultra MB analyzer, this unit offers simultaneous Fat and SNF testing with a high degree of accuracy and swiftness. It also adds data processing and reporting to its capabilities and is extremely convenient and helpful in maintaining and collecting data records as needed. With multiple USB ports, printer ports and a larger memory, this unit helps in data processing and data collection as required. Not only that, electronic transfer of the data records becomes easier and swifter.

Technical Data:

Parameter Range Resolution
FAT 0 – 15% 0.01%
SNF 0 – 15% 0.01%
CLR 0 – 40 ±0.1
Added Water 0 – 100% 0.1%
Parameter Range
Repeatability ± 0.05%
Accuracy* ± 0.10%
Sample Volume Less than 20ml
Power Supply 220 Volts AC, ± 5% / 12 Volt DC
Power Consumption 30 Watts
Ambient Temp. 15 ~ 35° C
Dimensions 95 X 300 X 250 mm
Weight 3.0 Kgs
Ports 4 X USB, 2 X RS 232 Serial